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What a treat this one is and I think I’ve gained ten pounds already just from the demo and yes this is a buy for me. I have the first in the series and loved it these games are very different from the other builders because your rebuilding sweet treats and nobody else has done that before and I’ve always wanted to see a builder done this way so thank you dev’s

sweet1, Your Content Goes Here

Beautiful graphics, nice music and a whole lot of fun being able to design a spooky garden as you play the match three game. Lots of Halloween items to choose from when you are designing your garden giving you a game that won’t ever get boring

hallo1, Your Content Goes Here

It makes a change to play a game on Nordic adventures I hope more games come out on foreign adventures in the future

nordic1, Your Content Goes Here

Thank goodness for a decent TM game at last. This is fun and challenging, and I bought it after playing only 6 levels.

sweet2, Your Content Goes Here

Great Game ! Loved the spooky music and the scary noises when you pop a coloured tile or break chains. I played on ‘piece of cake’ mode so no pressure just 100% enjoyment

hallo2, Your Content Goes Here

Really liked this game…relaxing..has some challenge..like the 3 gold stars..loved the sound of the magnet..I chuckled every time I used it

nordic2, Your Content Goes Here

“The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences”

Shigeru Miyamoto

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