Millions of people have played our games in 10 different languages around the world. At home using a PC, MAC or on the go using iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Kindle we develop games you can enjoy anytime!

Seven Sails is a game development company founded in 2008. We’ve developed 10+ games so far and counting.

We love seeing our customers having fun! Our goal is to create the best playing experience, regardless of platform, genre or audience.

We love customers feedback! It helps us to produce better games you want to play and have a good time!

Who We Are

Vicente Russo
Vicente RussoDeveloper
Vicente has over 10 years of professional experience with web programming and now work as game developer at Seven Sails. Suffers from OCD and makes everyone around crazy
Cezar Wagenheimer
Cezar WagenheimerDeveloper
Cezar was born with a computer in his lap and love programming and playing games since he remember. After 12 years locked on a prision of database programing, he was finally released and now lives for what it loves more, making games.
Mario Russo
Mario RussoGraphic Artist
Mario has more than 20 years messing around with computer graphics and have been playing games, drawing and painting since early age. Doesn’t have OCD but makes everyone crazy nonetheless.